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Curtain Wall vs. Window Wall: Making The Right Choice Based On Their Benefits And Your Needs

The all-glass surface has fast become the default choice for urban buildings. The aesthetic character it provides is now the standard for commercial towers and luxury developments. Achieving this universal look comes down to your choice between a curtain wall system and a window wall system. This article is an introduction to these two systems. […]

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5 Benefits of Metal Doors For Commercial Properties

Metal doors are a common choice for commercial properties. Here we discuss the major reasons behind this choice. At the end, we suggest a set of questions you can ask to clarify your requirements. Metal doors are durable Hollow metal doors are more durable than wooden doors if you prime and paint them using the […]

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3 Types of Commercial Aluminum Doors for Your Storefront

Aluminum doors are one of the most popular choices for commercial storefront entrances. However, their variety can make choosing the right type difficult. In this blog post, I want to go through the three main form factors in some detail. This information should help you start asking the right questions and make the right choice […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Toronto Building Needs Aluminum Glass Door

Noticing aluminum glass doors in and around Toronto doesn’t take much effort. Their popularity is not debatable but is this kind of door a good choice for your building? Let’s explore the five main benefits of this door system. Aluminum glass doors are energy-efficient Glass and aluminum doors can quickly recover their cost in energy […]

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