The Canuck Preventative Maintenance Plan

Canuck Doors Systems Co. specializes in Preventative Maintenance and  24 / 7 Emergency Services. Therefore, you can contact our qualified technicians immediately. 

After the initial inspection, he will make the maintenance report. For instance, it includes complete written information to help property managers and business owners.

We are an SDI dealer, the leading door product manufacturer in Ontario. They provide us with a back in our Preventative Maintenance Service.

We provide Preventative Maintenance services in GTA. Also, we service areas from Hamilton in the west to Oshawa in the ease. In addition, our technicians do service up wat to Barrie.

Finally, Canuck Door Systems Preventive Maintenance Plan reduces downtime and unexpected breakdowns. As a result, it saves a lot of time and money.





Canuck Door Systems Preventive Maintenance Plan has a proactive purpose. It sets an ongoing information schedule for overhead door operators and gate operators.

We make a regular process for a maintenance schedule to help you with your doors and windows. Also, the Canuck Soor System team will inspect your doors. Besides, they detect worn parts that affect efficiency. As a result, it will help to reduce your unexpected repair bills.

How It Works


On the first call, our team will complete the Maintenance package and tour your facility. It will create a detailed profile of the shipping doors. Moreover, our technicians will create profiles of entry doors and door systems in your facility.

Also, we will provide you multi-point inspection “Check List” reports. It includes up-to-date information about your doors and operators. Finally, we will arrive with the right parts on our truck to better serve your needs.


On your following scheduled Preventative Maintenance Call, our service team will Inspect the spring tension, drums, cables, tracks, rollers, hinges, panels and locks. Also, we will inspect the automatic door operators. Besides, our technicians will complete all other necessary adjustments for doors and windows. Moreover, we will check and replace fluid levels on all hydraulic dock revellers. Finally, we will prepare a written report of our work. We will provide our recommendations on needed repairs or parts replacement.

Our Service team will always check-in and out with your help & also will clean up after themselves before leaving your site.

Importance of Preventive Maintenance Plan for Safety

It is essential to have a Preventive Maintenance Plan.  It provides checklists and details on all mechanical, electrical, and safety systems.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act law is applied to workplace health. The property operator should inspect each piece of lifting equipment. Also, there should be a written report of the inspection.

Canuck Door Systems reports to each customer that an inspection has occurred on the equipment. In the future, these reports can be used for communications of audits by the Ontario Government Agencies.