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We provide Automatic Door Repair for all types of commercial customers. For instance: retail, offices, schools, hospitals, and universities. ​Sliding doors do miracles for furnishing your commercial property with natural light. Also, it is letting the outside light in. Besides, they are getting fresh air circulating throughout your establishment. However, the problem could stem from dirty and dried-up rollers. As a result, you need to fix this problem. For example, the experienced technician should remove your door from the tracks. He needs to clean out the rollers and spray them with a lubricant, such as WD-40. Finally, after doing this, if your door still sticks, the real problem may be that the rollers are damaged or broken.

Canuck Door Systems Co. provides automatic door services across Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, and Southern Ontario. 

Canuck Door specialists can repair all aspects of your automatic sliding doors.

There is no need to call several different companies just to fix one door. We can do it all.

We are a dealer of the Entrematic, the leading Automatic Sliding Door Manufacturer in Canada.




Commercial Automatic Sliding Door Repair & Installation in Mississauga, Ontario. Here are some General Problems:

Automatic sliding doors use for two-way traffic. They can be single sliding doors or double doors.

If Automatic door mechanisms are not aligned correctly during the door installation process, then they can cause a problem in the future.

Also, another problem is a bent of mental block the sliding of your glass door. If the tracks bent inward, they will pinch the roller. It stops the door from moving. If the ways are turning outward, you may accidentally pull the door right off the track.

In addition, sliding door mechanisms have another typical issue, such as the floor mat’s failure and the motion sensors to operate.

Moreover, it’s possible that this weatherstripping can break. To fix it, you need simply remove the old weatherstripping by removing its staples. Then you have to replace it with new ones.

Why Canuck Door Systems Experts

Everyday automatic sliding doors are increasing in public places. So, we have to ensure that when failures occur, they are dealt with by an experienced service provider.

At Canuck Door Systems Co, we have sliding door repair technicians with excellent knowledge. Also, they have many years of experience in all systems on the market.

We provide automatic door repair services and ensures customers returning to working order in the minimum of time and disruption.



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