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Woodfold Accordion Doors

Schedule multiple customers in a conference room at the same time. Create numerous meeting rooms in a small office when you need them or to keep an office floor open when you don’t. When visual separation isn’t enough and noise between two spaces needs to be eliminated, then a Woodfold Accordion door is your solution. It’s an excellent choice for restaurants, churches, daycares, offices and assisted living centers.


Series 3300

Woodfold’s Series 3300 Sound Rated Folding partitions are the premier choice in high performance sound reduction. The 3300 is sound rated at SFTC 33 and represents best value in sound rated partitions. Rugged design incorporates the Series 3300 forming a double walled acoustic partition. All finishes are available including carpet, vinyl, and natural hardwoods. Woodfold offers you a dependable and attractive solution for your partition requirements. Schools, Offices Commercial or Industrial, We have got you covered.


Series 2100

Woodfold Series Acoustic Folding Partitions are more than just a visual barrier. They are sound rated. Series 2100 have top and bottom seals with a sealed track to prevent noise transmission. The partition also helps preserve the heat loss of air exchange between sides. Best suited to classrooms, meeting rooms, temporary office environments and music/rehearsal rooms. The hardwood finishes yield a warm and clean look. The Vinyl Lam is the most economical choice of the acoustic folding partitions.


Series 240

Series 240 folding partitions are the most popular in the entire product line. Specified by Architects, Designers, and Builders more than any other product, the reason is the flexibility that you have to configure the Series 240 to meet most design needs. Options include Curved Tracks, Magnetic Locks, Keyed Locks and options for Bi-parting and Multiparting Partitions. The Vinyl Lam is the most economical choice for a superior finish to your project.


Series 220

Series 220 from Woodfold is a great room divider that has sharp looks and is an economical choice for a double-sided folding partition. Track and rolling hardware are nearly the same as the heavy duty tracks and rollers in the high-end products. The partitions slide smoothly and efficiently. Conservation of heat is an important feature of the Series 220; just close the partition and turn up the heat. The Hardwood finishes bring warmth to any environment. Looks good and works hard. A near perfect for any Office, Commercial or Residential room divider with no sound requirements.


Series 140

Series 140 from Woodfold is a quality product that offers a single side finish for economical great looks and simplicity of installation. The designer in you will love the color selections and the hardwood options for a beautiful finish to your office closet, residential closets, utility rooms and any area you would like to partition from view. All units are top mounted for a smooth sliding partition.

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Canuck Door Systems Co. offers a comprehensive range of folding partitions and accordion doors. Canuck’s technicians install the product across Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.For over 38 years, we have assembled a fine team of qualified and innovative people to guide the Company to the premier position it currently enjoys.

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If you would like to speak with one of our sales representatives, please call us at

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