Handicap Door Operator Repair

Ontario Building Code requires that any all public entrances in new buildings must be accessible. If the building already has existed for some time at least half of the public entrances must be accessible. Every exit from the ground level must be accessible. The signage with the International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA) should be provided. So we do Handicap Commercial Door Repair.

Canuck Door Systems Co. does Handicap Commercial Door Repair, including handicap operators and automatic swing door operators across Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham and throughout Southern Ontario.

There is no need to call several different companies just to fix one operator or door.  We can do it all.

We are dealer of the Entrematic, the leading automatic door opener manufacturer in Canada.




Common Problems with Handicap Door Operators or Automatic Swing Door Operator

Even the most automatic and innovated doors can experience some problems especially when there are no daily check-ups done to the automatic door.

Automatic swinging doors are commonly used for traffic flow that is one way which may either be entrance or exit. Like automatic sliding doors, automatic swinging doors may also be single or double doors.

  • Sensors
    The common problems with automatic door mechanism involving swinging doors fall under the sensors much like the sliding doors. Failure of the sensors and the operator atop the swinging doors to operate can also cause stuck-ups and inability to open and close as per motion.
  • Hold-Up and Time Delay
    Another problem that may be encountered is the hold-up of the automatic doors and also the time delay. Remote controls operating the swinging doors may fail to run due to the battery span powering the remote.
  • Push Buttons
    Handicaps may also experience common problems with automatic door mechanism which involves the push button they use to enter and exit the premises.
  • Why Canuck Door Systems Experts?
    Canuck Door System can repair, replace and install a variety of handicap door operators and automatic swing door operators. Whether you need repairs made to automatic doors for senior living areas or push-button access for hospital doors, we’re able to meet your needs on-time and with competitive pricing.



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