Commercial  Metal Door Repair

Canuck Door Systems Co. does Commercial Metal Door Repair of all sorts of doors, including commercial steel and hollow metal doors across  Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, and throughout Southern Ontario.

Commercial steel doors and hollow metal doors are perfect for any commercial building properties. These doors give a great barrier are secure and fire rate, which adds safety to your employees, yourself and business units.

Any business requires having these types of doors installed at their location, to hold back smoke from spreading if a fire occurs. It is always better to stay safe.

Hinge, fire rated glass or even closer.  Canuck specialists can repair and replace virtually all aspects of your steel and hollow metal doors.

There is no need to call several different companies just to fix one hollow metal door. We can do Commercial Metal Door Repair and many other things.

Also we install new Commercial Metal Doors. We are dealer of ASD, the leading metal door manufacturer in Ontario.




Common Problems with Steel and Hollow Metal Doors

Anyone commercial steel doors and hollow metal doors range from fire exterior doors to industrial application doors that get opened using a fork lift, pallet jack or cart.

The condition of the building and its structural integrity are essential factors in the operational life of the doors. The doors should be swing without external resistance. If there are some structural changes to the building, the hollow metal door does not with anymore its opening space and should be replaced.

  • Deformation
    The weather conditions are also an important factor. The majority of exterior hollow metal doors are used for spare exit. Usually, there was no cover structure or awning over this doors. In addition, hollow metal doors are painted a dark color that absorbs the heat. Summer temperature makes the hollow metal doors hot that it wrapped. Over the time the warpage causes the door became bowed along the edge and should be replaced.
  • Traffic
    The amount of traffic through the steel and hollow metal doors also impact their operational life. High traffic is a cause of wear on the door, hinges, jambs, closers, and locks.
    Besides the amount of traffic, the age group of those who use the doors should also be taken into consideration.  Teenagers are the hardest age group on doors and openings.
    Alley and dock doors or any door that can come in contact with a cart or hand truck could be easily damaged by operational traffic.
  • Gaps
    If the gap is larger or uneven, this can indicate a structure or installation problem. A larger gap can allow air infiltration.
  • Inability To Open or Close
    The most usual complaint from the end user is the steel doors, and hollow metal doors do not open or close easily.  Actually, the cause of this problem can include more than one problem.


  • Building settling
  • Jamb no longer plumb
  • Door hardware and lock mechanisms damaged
  • Hinges are improperly secured to the door or jamb
  • Hinges worn, incorrect, abused or improperly “adjusted.”
  • Latch not entering strike plate
  • Door closer not operable
  • Door operator not operable
  • Door warps
  • Door damaged

Why Canuck Door Systems Experts

Canuck Door Systems can repair, replace and install a variety of commercial steel and hollow metal doors for commercial and industrial clients across Toronto, GTA and throughout Southern Ontario.

Whether you need to repair steel door at your work shop, or repairs made to fire rated doors for your restaurants, we’re able to meet your needs on-time and with competitive pricing.



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