Delivering quality Loading Dock Leveler Repair Service at an affordable price

Your loading dock leveler provides a valuable service to your daily operations. It creates a smooth surface level between the loading dock and a vehicle. It makes it safer to load or unload goods. A bridge between the truck and port not only makes your job more comfortable but also ensures safety and reliability for work.

Canuck Door Systems Co. can repair and replace a wide variety of loading dock equipment, including loading dock levelers in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Aurora, Ajax, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Oshawa, Pickering, Newmarket, and throughout South Ontario.

Mechanical leveler, hydraulic leveler, universal hydraulic conversion kit, and others. Canuck Door specialists can repair and replace virtually all aspects of your loading dock levelers.

Also, we install new loading dock levelers. We are a Blue Giant dealer, which is one of the leading dock systems manufacturers in Ontario.

If you are looking for a loading dock or door repair and replacement, there is no need to call several different companies to fix one dock system. We can do it all.




Common Problems with Loading Dock Levelers

Maintaining your loading dock levelers is an essential part of using them. However, you may face issues if you don’t follow proper instructions.

There are five common hydraulics issues:

Unneeded oil changes and using the wrong type of oil

You should only change the oil in your hydraulic equipment two times. The first one, the basement of the base oil. Secondly, shrinkage of the additive package. If you want to see the performance of a change of oil, you’ll need to do an oil analysis. Please don’t overdo it by changing the oil. You’ll save a lot of money and save the life of your machine.

Changing the filters very often

It should replace filters, but you can’t just do it anytime you feel like it. If you change filters too early, you waste money since the holding volume limit has not been reached. If you don’t change the filters on time, the oil gets filled with specks of dirt that will slow down the machine.

Overworking the engine

When the hydraulic system can get hot, you need to stop using the equipment. If you want to avoid exhausting the engine, you need to depend on the oil’s viscosity index. It will change the rate of viscosity with temperature. When the oil heats up, and its thickness reduces. It goes under what is required to stay lubricated, and the engine becomes overused.

Waiting for the equipment to prime itself

Oil is a vital part of hydraulic equipment. But it’s not going to prime itself. Make sure that your machine stays well oiled before using it. If you don’t do it, then you have the risk of damaging the whole system, and you’ll hear some nasty noises.

Not knowing how to use the equipment properly

Please take training for the hydraulic equipment. If you don’t, you have the risk of coming into the problems mentioned before. Knowing about your gear and maintaining it will help you avoid problems as you go through your workday.

Why Canuck Door Systems Experts

When you need a loading dock leveler repair, you want it done fast because downtime impacts your profitability. You also wish to a loading dock service that will stand a long time, deliver reliable performance and high quality that is long-lasting life.

Canuck Door Systems has an outstanding service team that handles repair and service for all areas of your loading dock, including dock levelers and dock plates. We also provide dock leveller installation when it comes time to upgrade or replace your loading dock equipment.



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