Commercial Window Repair

Canuck Door Systems Co. makes Commercial Window Repair across  Toronto,  Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, and throughout Southern Ontario.

Aluminum windows are the most commonly used type of windows when it comes to commercial buildings.  They are durable, affordable, and modern.

Unfortunately even the most reliable windows can have problems.  Whether damage to the window has occurred through a break-in or due to terrible weather, your aluminum windows will need to be repaired.

Glass, Framed and sometimes Hinges. Canuck specialists can repair and replace virtually all aspects of your commercial windows and glass aluminum systems.

There’s no need to call several different companies just to fix one window.  We can do it all.




Common Problems with Commercial Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are virtually maintenance-free.  Unlike iron that rusts or wood that rots, aluminum is a more reliable material.

However, in order to ensure that your windows stay at their prime for a long time, it is essential to look for small problems and get them resolved before they become severe.

  • Frame Joint Seals
    One of the biggest problems is the deteriorating frame joint seals.  The contraction and expansion of frame seals make them easy to damage. You need to inspect your frame joints for damage from time to time. When frame joint seals are damaged, they allow cold and hot air to escape or enter. In addition, sealant around the frame joints has not been applied correctly or damaged. If you are unsure, then it is always advised to seek help from a local aluminum window specialist to inspect them.
  • Latches and Locks
    Property Managers and owners usually do not consider that the latches and locks windows can cause severe problems. You should be aware that there is no grime or dirt created around locks and latches. It can cause them not to lock or close properly.
  • Pitting
    Usually aluminum does not rust. However, aluminum windows should still be serviced regularly. Dirt and grime should not penetrate into the frame joints, locks and latches to cause damage.

Why Canuck Door Systems Experts

Canuck Door Systems technicians make Commercial Window Repair for thousands of commercial and industrial customers across Toronto, GTA and throughout Southern Ontario. We are a dealer of Commdoor Aluminum and Windspec, the leading aluminum commercial windows manufacturers in Ontario.

If you need Commercial Aluminum Window Repair or Replacement, we’re able to meet your needs on-time and with competitive pricing.



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