5 Reasons Why Your Toronto Building Needs Aluminum Glass Door

Noticing aluminum glass doors in and around Toronto doesn’t take much effort. Their popularity is not debatable but is this kind of door a good choice for your building? Let’s explore the five main benefits of this door system.

Aluminum glass doors are energy-efficient

Glass and aluminum doors can quickly recover their cost in energy savings. This is because they have an insulation layer inside them. This unique feature makes them more effective than wood and PVC when it comes to keeping the cold weather out.

Furthermore, aluminum glass doors provide a better seal when shut. A closed aluminum door can be a great barrier against heat leaks. This is because their structure can provide tight contact between the door and the frame.

Aluminum also allows for adding extras to the door that can improve your building’s energy efficiency. For example, adding an automatic door-closing system will reduce your building’s heat loss. During winter, doing so will help keep the cold air out. On the other hand, during the summer it will help keep the cool air inside. Likewise, the door’s smooth surface is ideal for adding weather-proofing strips that won’t peel off.

So when dealing with the Canadian winter, this kind of door can keep your building comfortable without breaking the bank. At Canuck Door Systems, we have 40+ years of experience installing doors fit for the Ontario winter.

They are made of cheap to maintain materials

Aluminum doors can last up to 45 years. They are also durable against the challenges faced by materials in cold cities. For example:

  • They do not wear down or rot after coming into contact with water, salt, and mud for months at a time.
  • They do not bend or crack when getting hot and cold for years.
  • They are resistant to chips, dents, and other damages caused by foot traffic.

These properties make aluminum glass doors cheap and easy to maintain. So keeping this kind of door looking new requires no change in your building maintenance and cleaning plan.

Unlike wooden doors, these doors do not require you to reapply varnish every few years. And unlike PVC doors, they don’t react with strong cleaning products. You can clean aluminum and glass for years with the cleaning products you already have.

Keeping a property in good shape demands a lot of time and attention. Then why not choose a door system that does not require constant attention and special care?

Canuck Door Systems Co. has 40+ years experience installing and repairing door systems, serving commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area. We are open 24/7.

They make attractive designs possible

With their neutral colour, aluminum glass doors are a symbol of minimalist style. Firstly, their large glass panels (made possible by aluminum’s strength) can open up your space. Secondly, they integrate well with any modern architecture style. And lastly, they bring a new level of elegant transparency to any building. The glass brings the outside world in and is a window to your building’s interior during early winter sunsets. As a result, your building will feel at home in the modern metropolis of Toronto.

The skilled technicians of Canuck Door Systems have years of experience meeting the high standards of the GTA. Call now for a free consultation session to discuss your project!

Aluminum glass doors make your building safer

Aluminum glass doors also provide a significant safety profile to buildings. The smooth surfaces of these materials are mould and bacteria-resistant. This means that you can disinfect them using any standard cleaning product. Doors can host many germs on their surfaces. As a result, being able to clean your door frames easily will greatly improve the health and well-being of your building’s visitors.

On top of this, aluminum doors are not flammable. This quality ensures that evacuating your property during emergencies involves less risk. Compare this to wooden or uPVC doors, which can burn or melt when in contact with direct heat!

Lastly, door frames made from aluminum stay solid during their lifecycle. This eliminates the chance of forced entry caused by a rotting wooden frame.

Canuck Door Systems Co. has 40+ years experience installing and repairing door systems, serving commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Call now to get a quote!

They contribute to a more sustainable society

Aluminum stays recyclable and is one of the most recycled metals in the world. In fact, recycling aluminum consumes 95 percent less energy than producing it for the first time. In addition to this, a large majority of its raw materials come from non-forested regions. Lastly, Canadian aluminum producers have the lowest carbon footprint of all other large producers.

By choosing to use more of this material in your buildings, you contribute to keeping polymers out of landfills. And lastly, you can play a part in reducing deforestation by reducing timber usage.

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