5 Benefits of Metal Doors For Commercial Properties

Metal doors are a common choice for commercial properties. Here we discuss the major reasons behind this choice. At the end, we suggest a set of questions you can ask to clarify your requirements.

Metal doors are durable

Hollow metal doors are more durable than wooden doors if you prime and paint them using the correct tools and techniques. They do not rot at all and will not bend or expand like wood. Because of this, metal doors are a popular choice for outdoors since they can withstand every weather. On top of being resistant to the environment, they are also resistant to damages. The alloys used ensure maximum protection against accidental damages. Accidents such as collisions with shopping trolleys or luggage will not cause any structural damage. This makes metal doors a good long-term investment for your commercial property.

They ensure safety

This kind of door is a tested choice for increasing the safety of your building. Firstly, metal doors are often fire-resistant. This means that in case of a fire, it is less likely for it to spread. By containing the fire, metal doors protect residents and equipment until firefighters arrive. Secondly, their smooth surface is easy to clean. You can disinfect a metal door easier than a wooden door. Doors are in constant contact with germs and their ease of cleaning can protect your visitors.

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Metal doors are secure

These doors have a high level of structural integrity. For one, the strength of the iron is a good protection against vandalism and accidental damage. Furthermore, they can also reduce the risk of forced entry. Intruders cannot kick open metal doors as easily as wooden doors. Also, they cannot cut into these doors using regular power tools. The high security of this kind of door also comes from the locking options it offers. Since it is hollow, you can add any locking system to the inner cavity. Wooden doors on the other hand, cannot accommodate complex locks without loosing their structural integrity. Secure rooms containing valuable equipment and documents choose metal doors for these reasons.

They insulate heat and sound

This kind of metal door can contain heat barriers on the inside, which protects against heat loss. Using polystyrene or polyurethane in the inner cavity is commonplace. These materials are much more effective than wood when it comes to insulation. Furthermore, this kind of door is highly weatherproof. The welded seams are effectively air-tight which protects against heat leakage and draft. The above insulation qualities make these doors a great choice for reducing your heating cost. In addition to heat-loss protection, metal doors are also effective sound barriers. Iron alloys are good insulators of sound and can help classrooms and offices maintain a quiet environment. These attributes can help keep your energy costs down and counter noise pollution.

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Metal doors are customizable

This kind of door comes in various kinds and accept different finishes. These doors can have a window, embossed panels, wood-grain etching, and more. In addition to this, the smooth surface accepts powder coating well and can have any colour. Lastly, metal doors can come in any non-standard dimension to fit your unique needs.

Choosing the right door

Having an idea of your requirements can help when shopping for a metal door. Consider answering these questions before your start your search. Specific requirements can help you make an informed decision.

  • Is your door exposed to the outside environment?
  • Do you have an aesthetic preference (e.g. colour or finish)?
  • What is the threat level at your building? Does the door need to be highly blast-proof or fire-proof?
  • Does your door need a specialized locking mechanism?
  • Do you need non-standard dimensions?

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