3 Types of Commercial Aluminum Doors for Your Storefront

Aluminum doors are one of the most popular choices for commercial storefront entrances. However, their variety can make choosing the right type difficult. In this blog post, I want to go through the three main form factors in some detail. This information should help you start asking the right questions and make the right choice for your storefront.

Aluminum Swinging Doors

The swing door is one of the most common form factors for commercial aluminum doors. It is mainly used for main entrances because of its focus on durability. These doors have wide frames and solid construction.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum is the perfect material choice for high traffic doorways. Firstly because they are low maintenance. Aluminum is resistant to minor damages, stains, rust, and corrosion. When used outdoors, these qualities make the door resistant to strong winds and extreme weather. When used indoors, the same qualities make it easy to keep the doorway clean with standard cleaning products.

High Security

Secondly, swing doors provide a high level of security. Outdoors, their heavy construction is a strong barrier against intruders and natural forces. When used indoors, their anti-bacterial properties make them much more resistant to germs when compared to timber.

Highly Customizable

Lastly, the flexibility of aluminum allows for a great level of personalization. Commercial aluminum doors can be clear anodized, black anodized, bronze anodized, or powder-coated. Decorative trims made of stainless steel can add to the appeal of the doorway as well. In terms of performance, you can add glazing, insulation, and gas filling as well. These choices can improve the heat performance of the door based on the needs of the client. At Canuck Door Systems we offer a large variety of choices. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Manual vs. Automatic

Glass aluminum swinging doors have two major types: manual and systems with automatic door openers. The manual variety is better for storefronts that have lower traffic. These doors are very durable due to their fewer moving parts. On the other hand, the automatic systems are better for high traffic storefronts. Moreover, they also contribute to the energy efficiency of the store. The door opener mechanism ensures that the door is open for as little as possible. This keeps the interior temperature stable. Automatic doors also allow for changes that make the door heavy without making it hard to open. Lastly, his kind of door is also beneficial for handicapped people. Automatic doors can be open with a button or using a radar, which makes them wheelchair accessible.

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Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors

This low-profile door system has been very in demand in the past years. The glass-wall effect it creates is good for restaurants, lobbies, and high-traffic entrances.

This variant of the commercial aluminum door creates a removable wall. The thin frames of this doorway disappear when opened. This can eliminate the border between the interior and exterior of your storefront. Doing this will make your storefront more inviting. However, not all benefits of bi-fold aluminum doors are visual. The low-profile nature of the door frame makes this system wheelchair accessible as well. It also allows for superior airflow.

Use this doorway to make your storefront appear larger. You should also consider this doorway if you plan to extend your storefront into a yard during the summer. Contact us for a free consultation about bi-fold doorways. We can help you decide on the right option.

Similar to other aluminum variants, the design of this commercial aluminum door is also flexible. We can design the frames to best match your interior. The glass can also be customized to create a unique separation when the door is closed.

Automatic Aluminum Sliding Doors

This type of commercial aluminum door system allows for subtle separation of spaces for both indoor and outdoor environments. The impressive weight to strength ratio of aluminum enables thin frames that support large glass panels. This style of door is good for when you want to separate two environments without sacrificing brightness.

The slight separation provided by this kind of door is ideal for eye-catching storefronts. The automatic door can showcase your storefront’s interior but keep the space separate from its exterior. In addition, moving automatically on rails means that the glass will remain clean for a long time. On top of that, the system requires little maintenance as it uses few moving parts. Lastly, the low-profile frame and the automatic mechanism makes this door wheelchair accessible.

Customization options are endless. Options range from frame width to frame finish to countless possible glass treatments. Send us a detailed description of your storefront’s setting and atmosphere. We will shortlist a few attractive options for you in a short time.

Canuck Door Systems Co. has 40+ years experience installing and repairing door systems, serving commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Call now to get a quote!

Which door is right for you?

Choosing the right commercial aluminum door for your storefront needs careful thought. Based on the discussion here, you need to consider the following items.

  • Is your storefront high traffic?
  • Do you want to fully isolate your environment?
  • What level of security are you targeting?
  • Are you looking for a door that allows-in a lot of sunlight?
  • Would your visitors benefit from an automatic door opening system?
  • Should your storefront door enable window-shopping?

Get in touch with Canuck Door Systems with these questions in mind. We are open 24/7 and ready to assist you with selecting and installing the right door.



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