Storefront Swinging Glass Aluminum Doors

Canuck Door Systems offers a wide variety of Swinging Glass Aluminium Doors. They are designed to suit any commercial and industrial applications: interior, exterior, thermally broken, insulated, etc. We install Swinging Glass Aluminium Doors in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham and throughout South Ontario with no exception.

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There are many features that Glass Aluminum Doors come with such as the minimal weight and the clean, sleek aesthetic of the door with glass. Some features include but are not limited to:

  • Non-thermal, thermally broken and insulated
  • Available in both internal and external application
  • Aluminum extrusions stocked in clear anodized, bronze anodized, and black anodized finished
  • Custom colors painted finishes are available
  • Vertical style: 2″, 3-1/2″, 5″
  • Overall door thickness: 1-3/4″
  • Horizontal Rails: 1″-12″
  • Designed to suit  most commercial hardware


There are many advantages that Glass Aluminum Door provides and this makes them a primary choice for many commercial property owners and management companies. Modern look homes are also using them to add an industrial look to their homes.

Strength and Durability

The strength and durability of glass aluminum doors are their biggest benefit. Aluminum proves of being exceptionally strong. Doors made from aluminum last for decades. Glass Aluminum Doors are ideal for the Canadian climate. They can withstand windy weather, extreme cold, hot temperature, and constant changes in temperature without any signs of tear and wear. These doors usually integrate well in structures that are already fitted with aluminum curtain walls and windows. Such a blend creates an exceptionally durable structure that lasts long.


Let’s say you have a shop where people regularly come in or go out. Glass Aluminum doors can save you a lot of time as you don’t need to keep repeatedly checking whether the door is closed or not. These doors will close on their own. In addition, a variety of Automatic Door Openers are available for the Glass Aluminum Doors.


Glass Aluminum Doors look is impressive. They are available in a wide range of popular finishes like clear anodized, bronze anodized, and black anodized. The custom colour pained finishes are also available. Glass Aluminum Doors are perfect solutions for airports, hotels, shopping centers, big retail outlets, etc.

Low Maintenance

A great benefit to most property managers and property owners is that they will not have to maintain them often. Glass Aluminum Doors resist rust and this is good news since it makes them ideal for use in the Canadian weather conditions, either in the mainland or near the ocean coasts. Many metal doors are easily being rusted by salt or by salty air near ocean coasts. Glass Aluminum Doors are long-lasting and can last for several years without needing much maintenance or repairs.


Canuck Door Systems is a dealer of two largest Aluminum Door manufacturers in Ontario: Windspec and Comdoor Aluminum. Here are the specifications of the door series:

We install Swinging Glass Aluminum Doors in the Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Aurora, Newmarket and throughout South Ontario is no exception.

Canuck Door Systems also installs  Operable Glass Aluminum Windows, Fixed Glass Aluminum Windows, Manual Glass Aluminum Bi-Folding Doors, Glass Aluminum Curtain Walls, Aluminum Storefront Insulated Panels, Automatic Door Openers, and Automatic Sliding Doors



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