Steel Commercial Fire Rated Doors

Meet or exceed all of your specification requirements. We provide all requisite certifications.

Canuck Door Systems installs a variety of Hollow Metal Specialty Doors, including Steel Commercial Fire Rated Doors. Steel Commercial Fire Rated Doors can sustain fire for specified periods of time. There are  20, 45, 60, & 90-minute Steel Commercial Fire Rated Doors.

This kind of Hollow Metal Door is fabricated of sheet steel, reinforced by light metal channels, has a hollow core, and sometimes filled with a fire rated filler material.

Steel Commercial Fire Rated Doors are required in all condominiums, hotels, restaurants, commercial, industrial and office buildings. They are required to be self-latching, self-closing and must have a door closer. Confidence comes from knowing your supplier has both the capability and the skills to fabricate just about any size, shape or configuration of the door you may require.

This is a key feature that sets CANUCK DOOR SYSTEMS CO. apart from many of our competitors, and we are very proud of that track record.



  • Standard and custom sizes
  • 1–3/4” thickness
  • Galvanneal steel 20 gauge
  • Machined for 3 hinges and cylinder lock
  • A40 (ZF120) 0.40 oz/ft2 coating. Optional coating G90 (ZF275).
  • Temperature Rise core rated for 450 degrees Fahrenheit at 60 minutes all bonded under pressure.
  • Top and bottom end channels are of 16 gauge material projection welded into the door.
  • Tested in strict conformance with CAN4 –S105, ASTM E – 152 and NFPA 252

Canuck Door Systems also installs other metal specialty doors such Steel Security Doors.

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