Commercial Fire Rated Doors

Canuck Door Systems installs a variety of Hollow Metal Specialty Doors, including Commercial Fire Rated Doors. These kinds of metal doors can sustain fire for specified periods of time. There are  20, 45, 60, & 90-minute fire rated metal Doors.

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  • Standard and custom sizes
  • 1–3/4” thickness
  • Galvanneal steel 20 gauge
  • Machined for 3 hinges and cylinder lock
  • A40 (ZF120) 0.40 oz/ft2 coating. Optional coating G90 (ZF275).
  • Temperature Rise core rated for 450 degrees Fahrenheit at 60 minutes all bonded under pressure.
  • Top and bottom end channels are of 16 gauge material projection welded into the door.
  • Tested in strict conformance with CAN4 –S105, ASTM E – 152 and NFPA 252


There are many advantages that Commercial Fire Rated Doors provide and this makes them a primary choice for many commercial property owners and management companies to protect their properties, people and  keep up with a fire codes.


Commercial Fire Rated Doors are actually the same as Hollow Metal Doors and frames, which could  last many years without any damage. They resist extreme Canadian temperatures such a hot, cold, high and low humidity, rain, snow, frost, and more. They are  good for either interior or exterior use. These kind of doors are not required a a lot of maintenance repairs.

Kick-Off Protection

They are designed in the same way as standard Hollow Metal Doors are designed for the security.They use thicker metal in the door and frame. This provides a protection against kicking in the door. The strength of these metal doors also makes them suitable for protection against flying debris, winds and even strong storms.

Energy Efficient

They act in the same way as  the Hollow Metal Doors act  in your buildings  to decrease energy expenses. The space between the metal sheets of the steel door acts as insulation. The Polystyrene or the Polyurethane insulation in the cavity can also enhance the insulating effect.

Fire Protection

Fire rated metal  doors may look like any other hollow metal doors, but it is made up of completely different types of materials. Even the screws and  bolts  of the door are different. They are stop the fire and block the smoke and heat from entering a room or an enclosed area, and provide enough time for people to evacuate safely. Fire Rated Doors are non-combustible and could keep the flames for a specific period. The time that they offer normally ranges from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, but could also be fire rated up to 3-hours.


Canuck Door Systems is a dealer of  several Fire Rated Door manufacturers in Ontario  such as the Daybar.

We install Commercial Fire Rated Doors in the Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Aurora, Newmarket and throughout South Ontario is no exception.

Canuck Door Systems also installs  Hollow Metal DoorsCommercial Steel Doors, and Stainless Steel Doors.



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