How to Choose the Right Automatic Door for Your Storefront

According to a survey done by SBC Research for AAADM, 98.9% of people preferred buildings with automatic doors. It’s important to choose the right entry system for your shop.

An automatic door can be sliding, folding, and swinging. These doors are energy efficient, secure, and convenient. They are also easily replaceable and easy to maintain. So why not install an automatic door?

Where to Install Automatic Doors

94% of people expect automatic doors in hospitals and 15% of people expect automatic doors in universities.In hospitals, automatic doors are favored throughout the facility because their simple to use. Consider automatic door use for entrances and corridors, anywhere security is needed, for negative pressure rooms, clean rooms, washrooms, ICUs and CCUs, and for ADA accessibility.

The floor plan and design of a facility significantly affect the type of automatic door that will need to be installed. Whether the planned traffic flow is one-way or two-way is a significant consideration as well. The dimension of the opening that will be required to meet the traffic requirements should also be determined. And, bear in mind that a vestibule would be a good option to help control the cooling and heating costs and keep employees stationed by the door comfortable.

Where the door is placed often determines which type of door is needed, in schools and universities, automatic doors are installed in entrances, corridors (includes fire-rated doors), and washrooms. Some doors are rated for air or smoke infiltration and work very well for specialty applications such as clean rooms and labs.

Advantages of Automatic Doors

Style options

One of the greatest things about automatic doors is that it comes in an array of different styles, shapes, colors, designs, and finishes. This not only lends your commercial or residential premises an articulate and refined look but also helps improve its reputation as well.

Available in three primary configurations, -swinging, sliding and folding doors, when you pick automatic doors, one thing is certain, you don’t have to surrender form for function.

Additionally, they are available in firm, sturdy and durable materials such as aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and timber that improves or compliments any home or business’s unique style.


Automatic doors don’t require any human effort or force to do their operation. It helps do away from the work and aggravations when it comes to opening a comparatively bigger manual door.

Furthermore, as their work doesn’t need the use of hands, they provide easy access for the handicapped, elderly and those with infants. Also, they are helpful for people carrying heavy bags or luggage. Automatic doors grant you the choice to close and open the door manually as well.

Safety and Security

When correctly installed and examined on a regular basis, automatic doors provide a safe, comfortable environment for everyone. By having an automatic door, you can rest assured that your door is shut correctly thus protecting your property from potential trespassers.

This also means that you don’t need to have extra locks or security systems installed to keep out or deter robbers and thieves from entering your premises.  The gate can also be accessed with the assistance of code from inside the property or a remote key from the outside.

In addition, automatic doors are constructed according to the highest standards for safety and quality, ensuring minimal support requirements thus making them incredibly easy to own, use and maintain as well.

Sliding Automatic Doors

Automatic sliding doors are possible in single and bi-part depending on space conditions. The doors are a fair way to provide simultaneous, two-way traffic or to control directional traffic by assigning one door as “In” and the other as “Out.” Nevertheless, they cannot be used where a fire rating is wanted.

Sliding doors are possible in all glass versions without muntin bars or stiles for a largely unobstructed view, excellent for showcasing a beautiful lobby or well-manicured areas. Where a large access area is needed, telescopic versions fit the bill by giving 25% more door opening than usual sliding doors of the same size.

Automatic Swinging Doors

Common elements to take into consideration for Automatic Swinging Door are the width of the door opening, maneuvering rooms, hardware, height of thresholds, and slope of ramps.

The doors equipped with Low Energy power operators, added requirements are required per the ADA standards for compliance to ANSI/BHMA. About every five years standards are re-visited for changes and updates based on the latest technology, industry needs, and usage of automatic door gear.

Automatic Folding Doors

When you need a wide-open entrance to provide two-way traffic, but your space is limited, bi-folding doors connect swinging and sliding door technology to meet your needs.

The door’s unique folding feature provides a much larger opening than comparative sliding doors, while dramatically decreasing sweep when compared to traditional swing doors. Automatic Folding Door is ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

So in conclusion, automatic doors are preferred by people, convenient, safe, and secure. They come in 3 different configurations, folding, swinging, and sliding.

In addition to that, they’re comfortable to everyone, from elderly people to handicap people. Automatic doors are great all around, so why not install one?



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