Commercial Overhead Door Operators

Canuck Door Systems installs a various types of commercial overhead door operators. Jackshaft Door Operators, Trolley Door Operators, and Gear Head Door Operators. These industrial overhead door operators are designed to work on industrial and commercial sectional  and rolling doors with standard, vertical or high lift track.

Micanan Jackshaft Door Operators

Canuck Door Systems installs various Micanan Jackshaft Door Operators. This industrial Overhead Door Operator is designed for industrial and commercial sectional doors with vertical or high lift tracks and small rolling grilles.

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Micanan Trolley Door Openers

Canuck Door Systems installs various Micanan Trolley Door Openers. These industrial Door Openers are also designed for use on industrial and commercial sectional overhead doors with standard lift tracks. Micanan door openers are the market's most reliable commercial overhead door operators.

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Manaras Gear Head Door Openers

Canuck Door Systems installs Manaras Gear Head Door Openers. The Manaras overhead door openers are the most reliable Gear Head openers for commercial use. The manufacturer designed industrial Gear Head Door Openers for using any door with a sprocket, shafts, and chain as the driving elements. Moreover,  you can install them on vertical or high lift doors, rolling doors, standard charge sectional doors, and grilles. Also, they can be mounted wall, hood, or shelf.

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One-Stop Shop for All Your Overhead Operators Needs

Canuck Door Systems Co. offers a comprehensive range of commercial overhead door operators. Canuck’s technicians install the product across Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.For over 40 years, we have assembled a fine team of qualified and innovative people to guide the Company to the premier position it currently enjoys.



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