Why Canuck is a One Stop Shop for All Your Hotel Door Needs

Managers in the hotel industry can rely on Canuck Door Systems for every door need.We can install virtually any hotel door. And if you need it, we can also service any doors that are broken in your hotel.When you’re welcoming people into your hotel, your door system needs to look and be inviting, safe and easy to use.

Exterior Doors

We focus on serving you with good quality products. No matter what type of door system you need, they can help, from amazing looking storefronts to make your business’ exterior to custom-sized reinforced steel fire doors.

Canuck Door Systems carries the complete line of sliding automatic doors for your hotel door, letting your clientele easily enter your place of business, equipped with accessible systems for the disabled.

Interior Doors

We have great solutions for the interior, such as folding partitions and operable walls to create private dining areas for group reservations. We can install a strong and durable hotel door that can easily slide or fold back to open up space when not needed.

Operable wall systems are can also be installed to create instant rooms, separating a larger space such as a banquet hall into a smaller conference or dining room. In addition to providing a sight barrier for privacy, they also offer great sound control.

Hotel room doors must be safe and comfortable to your customer. They have to be strong, easy to open, and soundproof.

Specialty Doors

You can call upon Canuck Door Systems to install interior traffic doors and strip curtains to maximize energy efficiency. The traffic doors are ideal for restaurant walk-in refrigerators and freezers and provide an easy workflow for employees.

If you have any older traffic doors and strip curtains that are not as efficient as they should be, Canuck Door Systems can replace them with the best material for your specific requirements, taking into consideration whether traffic accessing the room will be light or heavy, and the difference in temperature between the two spaces.

Overhead Doors

If your hotel has underground parking or a loading dock, you probably use overhead sectional doors, or rolling steel doors. If those doors break, then your customers won’t be able to enter your parking or you won’t be able to get much-needed supplies to your hotel

24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Door Service is just a phone call away in the event of a break-in. After-hours services are available to secure the area and immediately measure for a new door and maybe even install a new door.

So in conclusion, Canuck Door System has the best selection of exterior doors, interior doors, and specialty doors to fit your hotel needs. We can also service virtually any broken door in your hotel at any time.



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