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Doors that can handle hi traffic seen in Schools, Offices and Industrial Locations


  •  Galvanneal finish

  •  Galvanized G90

  •  Bullet Resistant

  •  Stainless Steel in 18 Gauge or 16 Gauge

All Hollow Metal Doors & Frames are available in Standard and Custom sizes and many custom lites are available.



Steel Doors Toronto Keep the Burglars Away

The main entrance door should always match the general appearance of the house and should also provide total security to one’s home. Steel doors Toronto are the choice of many homeowners simply because the designs exude beauty and security blended into the elegant entry way that welcomes visitors to their abode. Homeowners usually want to see the visitors who are calling at their doors so many of them insist that glass panels be put into their steel doors. This preference presents no problem for steel doors Toronto because the designs always combine stylish glass inserted into durable metal frames.

When it comes to security, steel doors keep burglars away because they are built strong and are difficult to forcibly open. There are many sizes and shapes of steel doors that can be designed to match any architectural house design. Many designs are featured in the internet so homeowners are urged to visit the websites that feature such designs so they can select the ones that suit their preference. The websites give assurance that their featured steel doors are strongly constructed from the best steel materials available. 24-gauge galvanized steel is usually the preferred material used for steel doors Toronto because they can withstand the harsh Canadian weather.

One reason for the homeowners’ preference to use steel doors is the fact that they efficiently prevent unwanted noise from entering the house. Another reason is that the steel doors help conserve energy because sunlight passes through the glass panels of the steel frame during the day. Both these advantages are brought about by the latest technology applied to the metal and glass components of Steel Doors Toronto. Homeowners have the choice of using clear glass that lets the light through but keeps the heat away or the hazy glass that lets the light in but keeps the interior of the house from being viewed from the outside.

Tempered glass can also be used on the steel door if one expects many people to pass through the main door and there are children that often use the door. It is a safety glass that is very durable and does not break easily. If the glass breaks, it does not turn into dangerous sharp pieces of broken glass but into harmless corn-sized bits of glass. For sophisticated homeowners, they can opt for decorative or stained glass that adds to the beauty of the steel doors Toronto. They can visit the door company website to view the patterns that are nicely incorporated into the design of the steel doors.

The good thing about steel doors Toronto is that the homeowners are free to choose the kind of door that is best for the house. They can choose the design of the steel door, the color of the metal frame, the type and design of the glass to be used and many other available features. They can even call on the representatives of the company to discuss the specifications of the door that they want to be installed in their entranceway.


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