Wave to Open Switches

Canuck Door Systems offers an industrial hands-free Wave to Open Switches. Pedestrians can open doors without any touch. Also, the wave to Open Switches fit all automatic door operators. As a result, it is an excellent option for areas where a touch-free environment is desirable.

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There are many useful features available. Firstly, it has touchless activation and Low voltage. Besides, it operates on 12 or 24VDC. It reduces the read range of up to 4″ hugely reduces false triggers.

Also, it provides audible and visual activation with a dual-colour LED. Plus, it has a variable grip time of 1 to 35 seconds. Moreover, they are robust stainless steel, weather-resistant, vandal-resistant faceplates. Finally, the manufacturer includes single and double gang faceplates.


Hands-free environments Public buildings have quickly become a standard in modern society. Whether it is theatres, offices, hospitals, or public restrooms: touchless grounds have an exclusive feature to a necessity in many commercial buildings.

Moreover, the faucets, soap dispensers faucets, hand dryers, and towel containers use in a hands-free environment. So, the hands-free door opening solution has become an essential part of a hands-free environment.

Also, the sensor in the wave-to-open button detects motion. It opens the door without moving hardware and transferring germs.

Besides, it has convenient kits that simplify the ordering process and use of the correct components. Also, Industry-leading products offer reliability and durability.

Plus, kits available for doors with or without locking hardware to transform any opening. Moreover, no additional power supply is necessary for accessories: the operator powers both wave-to-open switch and electric strike.

Additionally, precision sensor ensures the door opens only when intended when movement is detected within 0″ to 4″ of the wave-to-open switch. It has a wave-to-open button set to hold the door open anywhere between 0 and 30 seconds.


We are a dealer of the  Entrematic, the automatic door operators manufacturer in Canada.

Also, we install Wave to Open Switches in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Aurora, Newmarket and throughout South Ontario is no exception.

Moreover, Canuck Door Systems also installs Low Energy Heavy Duty Door Operator, Low Energy Low Profile Automatic Door Operator, Full Energy Standard Profile Automatic Door Operator, Low Energy Standard Profile Automatic Door Operator, Universal Handicap Washroom Packages.



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