Low Energy Heavy Duty Automatic Door Operator

Canuck Door Systems installs the low energy heavy duty automatic door operator that comes loaded with features while offering the same dependable, quiet operation  as standard operator provided. The heavy duty door operator is perfect for high-traffic locations including  universities, hospitals, schools,retail stores, airports, convention centers, offices, and industrial buildings.

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  • Extended Closing Torque: Designed to overcome stack pressures or other environmental
  •  Power Assist: Operator can be adjusted to assist the door when opened manually. Ideal for users with
    or without disabilities.
  • Push & Go: When door is pushed manually, this feature activates to open the door automatically.
  • Door Stop: Engineered to resist abusive situations during opening.
  • Output Shaft: 36-tooth splined output shaft designed for adjustability and to withstand abuse.
  • Easy Electrical Connection Box: Prewired to speed up installation.
  • Built-In Safety Features: Stop on stall and reverse on obstruction can be selected during set-up.
  • One Touch Learn Cycle: Operator measures door weight and conditions to properly set open/close
    positions and speed with the touch of a button.
  • Lock Kick: Ensures a positive latch when the door closes for fire and security. Selectable.
  • Lock Retry: If the door is unable to close, the operator will reverse and make another attempt to lock
  • Opening Delay: Opening time can be set on a delay. Ideal for use when an activation button is located
    further away from the door to allow pedestrians more travel time.
  • On/Off/Hold Open Switch: Also can be configured to deactivate exterior activation buttons.
  • Optional 2- or 4-Position Program Selector w/ Key: Turn operator on, off, hold in open position, or direct traffic either one-way or bi-directional.
  • High Performance: Operates doors with mechanical servo-assisted operator.
  • Sync Cable: Included with pair operators so doors close simultaneously or in proper order.
  •  12/24 Volt Output: For adding locking devices.
  • Plug & Play Sensor Connection.
  • Cast Alloy Arms. Uses existing Ditec arm package (push, pull): Cast alloy arms withstands damage from end-users or environment.
  • Extremely Quiet Operation. Practically silent in manual and automatic modes.
  • Onboard Diagnostics.
  • Enhanced Electric Lock, Anti-Jambing Locking Features.
  • Heavy-duty spring closer
  • Heavy-duty all-steel mechanical gear box and motor


Quality Heavy Duty Commercial Construction
  • Electro Mechanical Design – for simple dependable operation
  • Door Stop engineered to resist abusive situations
  • Cast Alloy Arms
  • Quiet Operation
Innovative Features
  • Power Assist
  • One Touch Learn Cycle
  • Plug-n-Play design for fast trouble free installation
  • Stack Pressure Compensation
  • Adapts to environmental conditions
  • Electric Strike Integration
  • Lock Retry
  • Compatible with most safety and activation devices
  • Integrates with building access & security systems
  • Energy Saving for low running cost
Built In Safety Features
  • Lock Kick for a positive latch during fire/safety events
  • Stop on Stall
  • Reverse on Obstruction
  • Sensor Monitoring
  • Built to outlast the competition
  • Perfect for high traffic locations


Canuck Door Systems is a dealer of  the  Entrematic, the automatic door operators manufacturer  in Canada.

We install Heavy Duty Automatic Door Operators in the Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Aurora, Newmarket and throughout South Ontario is no exception.

Canuck Door Systems also installs Low Energy Standard Profile Door Operator, Low Energy Low Profile Automatic Door Operator, Full Energy Standard Profile Automatic Door Operator, Wave to Open Switches, Universal Handicap Washroom Packages.



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