Sliding Automatic Doors: Benefits and Types

Automatic sliding doors are the most common commercial doorway in cities. They offer a perfect balance of convenience and aesthetics for many building types. In this post, we will discuss the different types of sliding automatic doors. Also, we will be discussing the benefits of this kind of door. Lastly, we will include a list of questions that can help you choose the best type.

Single Sliding Automatic Doors

This type of sliding door is one that has a single moving doorway. Sometimes there is a fixed doorway next to the moving one. Other times, it is possible to have a wall in front of the moving doorway. The single sliding slider can provide an opening that is anywhere from 7 to 9 feet wide. This makes the single sliding doorway perfect for low traffic areas. This kind of doorway is appropriate for both exterior and interior openings. That is because of the design flexibility of the doorway. Lastly, if your doorways are used by one person and do not need to accommodate large items, this mechanism is a good choice.

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Bi-Parting Automatic Sliding Doors

Bi-parting sliding doors slide open from the center and allow for a much wider opening. This kind of doorway also comes in semi-fixed varieties. In some cases, there is single side panel on each side that does not open. In this case, the sliding slider rests behind or in front of this fixed panel. Other times, all sliders would slide open and can be slid into an opening in the wall.

Due to this flexibility, this kind of doorway allows for large openings. In fact, most bi-parting sliding doors allow for an opening that is 9 to 14 feet wide. This makes them a perfect choice for hospitals, grocery stores, and other high traffic areas. If multiple people cross your doorways at once or if you need to accommodate large items, bi-parting doors can be a good option. Canuck Door Systems has a long history of helping individuals choose and install the perfect door. This includes the popular bi-parting automatic sliding door. Contact us now to get a quote for your project.

Telescoping Automatic Sliding Doors

These are a variation of the single sliding doors mentioned above. The difference is that instead of having 2 panels with 1 sliding, telescoping doors have 3 panels with 2 sliding. They strike a perfect balance between the space-saving benefits of single sliding doors and the doorway size of bi-folding doors. When opened, the telescoping door offers an opening size that is 75 percent of the full doorway width. This is in contrast to the single sliding doorway system, which only allows for an opening of 50%. Lastly, if your doorway is low-traffic but needs to sometimes accommodate peak traffic or large items, a telescopic door may be the right choice.



By integrating an electronic component in the door system, this kind of door offers a variety of novel features. First and foremost is the automatic sliding mechanism. Using a motion sensor in the middle of the top frame, the door can sense an approach and slide open. This eliminates the need for handling the door and is perfect for sanitary concerns. Furthermore, the automatic sliding mechanism also improves the lifespan of the door.

Since the bearings used are strong and no user interaction requirement, this door system lasts a long time. Reducing the opportunity for mishandling the door system is an often overlooked benefit. At Canuck Door Systems, we strive to provide you with a long-lasting installation. Contact us to learn more about your options. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7.

New innovations in motion and other sensors can also elevate the use of this door type. Technologies such as attendance counting are often integrated into the door. Using these systems, the number of building attendees is counted and recorded. Surveillance cameras can also be integrated with the door to improve building security.

Also, automatic sliding doors make automatic locks possible. By integrating them with alarm systems, a time lock can lock the door for a short amount of time after an alarm. This can improve security and reduce the risk of property loss.

All the above benefits can be secured with the use of an emergency electrical backup system. Having a system of this kind means that none of the electrical functions of the door system break down when the power goes out.

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When choosing an automatic sliding door, keep in mind the following questions so that you can choose the right door.

  • How heavy is the traffic during regular and peak times?
  • Are you expecting to move wide items through the doorway?
  • Do you require additional security and monitoring solutions?
  • Does your building struggle with regular power outages?

No matter the complexity, Canuck Door Systems is ready to help you make the right choice. With over 40 years of experience serving the Greater Toronto Area community, our capable technicians can help you make the right choice and will install your doorway according to your exact specifications. Call now to get a quote.



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