Electronic Locks for Commercial Buildings

There is an increasing trend of using touchscreen and smart locks in commercial buildings. Market Data Forecast predicts the global smart locks market will reach $4 billion by 2026

The increased demand for electronic locks in commercial buildings is due to the adoption of new technology, the need for extra security, and reduced infection contact. Electronic locks require no physical keys, so people do not have to touch the door to unlock it. This reduces the risk of infection transmission. Additionally, electronic locks protect the buildings from intruders trying to pick the locks, as access is only granted to employees with permission. Keep reading to discover the other benefits of upgrading electronic locks for commercial buildings.

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Easy Tracking

Most commercial buildings experience high traffic flow, with a constant stream of people going in and out. By utilizing electronic locks, you can effortlessly monitor and regulate access to the building. 

You can integrate the business locks with the employee database to record everyone entering the most critical areas of your commercial building. This way, in case of any mishap, it will be easier to identify the suspect. 

Consider using a biometric system as an additional layer of security to enhance your overall security measures.

To ensure the safety of private data, documents, ownership certificates, and financial records, it is essential to have an extra layer of protection. Installing electronic locks with biometric integration is an effective way to secure the space. These locks use fingerprints, retina scanners, or facial recognition devices to grant access only to specific personnel, thereby restricting unauthorized access.

Canuck Door Systems Co. has 40+ years experience installing and repairing door systems, serving commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Call now to get a quote!

Reduce Break-in

Sometimes, people forget to lock the main door of a commercial building, leaving it vulnerable to criminal and intruder entry, resulting in theft and damage to property. 

Upgrading to electronic locks can guarantee your doors are always securely locked when someone leaves, giving you peace of mind and eliminating the risk of accidental unlocking. Besides, electronic locks can be integrated with alarm systems that notify the alarm company of potential emergencies or suspicious activities.

Upgrade to Electronic Locks

Physical keys are susceptible to being replicated or stolen, making them an unreliable security measure. Doing so adds an extra layer of security to your premises, which can help safeguard your employees and assets. To learn more about upgrading to electronic locks for your commercial buildings, contact Canuck Door System.



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