Automatic Glass Aluminum Telescopic Sliding Doors

Canuck Door Systems installs a variety of the Automatic Glass Aluminum Automatic Telescopic Doors. If you have limited space, then Automatic Telescopic Sliding Doors have your back. They are equipped with sensor systems and combine elegant modern look and space flexibility. Automatic Glass Aluminum Telescopic Doors are the ideal solution for specific applications.

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  • Meets ANSI A156.10 guidelines for power-operated pedestrian doors
  • Certified UL/cUL
  • Low energy, high efficiency 75-watt motor
  • Motorized belt-drive for silent operation
  • Microprocessor control
  • Automatic braking stroke adjustment
  • Electro-magnetic lock system available
  • Accepts activation devices: push button, remote control, motion sensors
  • Standard colours are clear aluminum and dark bronze
  • Include integral flush glaze framing systems that provide a modern look and larger glass surface
  • For the extra life, an adjustable thermal brush system on the bottom of the door is applied
  • For the long-lasting durability, extra duty anodized roller track is used



Automatic doors don’t need human effort to do open. It helps move away from the struggle when it comes to opening a larger door. Also, because their operation doesn’t need the use of hands, they provide easier access for the handicapped, elderly, and those with younger children. In addition, they are helpful for people who are carrying heavy items like luggage or packages. Automatic doors give you the benefit to close or open the door manually as well.


If installed in the right way and inspected monthly, automatic doors tend to provide a safe environment for everyone. By owning an automatic door, you know that your door is closed properly and will protect your property from possible intruders. That additionally means that you do not need to have added security to stop burglars from entering your premises. The gate can also be opened or closed a security code from inside the business or control from outside the building. Automatic doors are made to the highest standards for safety and quality, making sure minimal requirements for maintenance are needed thus making them incredibly easy to maintain ownership and use as well.

Automatic Glass Aluminum Telescopic Sliding Door Installation

Canuck Door Systems installs DITEC ENTREMATIC and TORMAX Automatic Glass Aluminum Telescopic Sliding Doors:

Ditec Specs

Automatic Glass Aluminum Telescopic Sliding Doors installation in the Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Aurora, Newmarket and throughout South Ontario is no exception.

Canuck Door Systems also installs Automatic Glass Aluminum Sliding Doors and Automatic Frameless Glass Sliding Doors.



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