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Commercial Fire Rated Doors benefits for commercial buildings

Canuck Door Systems offers Hollow Metal Specialty Doors and Commercial Fire Rated Doors. Hollow Metal doors can sustain fire for specified periods. As a result, there are 20, 45, 60, & 90-minute fire-rated metal doors. We all know that fire safety is paramount in commercial buildings. One major way to increase safety is with fire-rated […]

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Five Tips for Maintaining Your Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors Canuck Door Systems installs and services all types of Automatic Sliding Doors for your entrances, including single slide, bi-part, telescopic and frameless glass doors. Automatic doors do not need human effort. Also, it helps move away from the fight when it comes to opening a heavier standard door.  If you’re wondering how […]

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3 Tips for Installing Your Commercial Steel Doors

Commercial Steel Doors Commercial Steel Doors are designed for localizing impacts and vandalism. Commercial steel doors provide the durability businesses need to withstand wear and tear from high traffic areas, harsh exterior elements and even high indoor humidity. The result? You get superior longevity and ROI when you invest in commercial doors. For added protection, […]

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