What You Need to Know Before Ordering Commercial Doors

If you have ever managed a commercial construction or renovation project, you understand the importance of thorough research and preparation. You are not just buying building materials; each piece of hardware has a specific purpose. Finding the right door for your security upgrade or construction project is essential when ordering commercial doors. Read on to learn what you need to know before you order doors, frames, and hardware. 

Different Door Materials and More

Before starting your construction project, it’s essential to understand the various types of doors and their unique safety and security features. 

Industrial Doors

Construction professionals often require industrial doors that are durable and fire-rated to meet the requirements of their industrial and commercial properties and construction contracts. Industrial doors have to comply with different standards. For instance, insulated steel doors are suitable for exterior and warehouse applications, whereas wood doors are commonly used in offices, institutions, and commercial spaces. These doors can be classified into different types, such as paint-grade, veneered, or P-lam wood doors, medium and heavy-duty steel doors, and fire-rated wood or steel doors.

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Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are an excellent choice for any home or building. They require very little maintenance and offer an attractive entrance. When made from high-quality wood, these doors can last a lifetime. They add a touch of class and elegance to any space. Remember that doors play a crucial role in safeguarding your property from theft, so it’s essential to choose quality wood and have them installed by professionals. Wooden doors are an excellent option because they can easily accommodate latches and locks, be customized to fit your needs, and be painted or polished to match any colour scheme. They are also a perfect choice for wood office doors.


Hollow Metal Doors 

Hollow metal doors are the most commonly used type in commercial construction projects. For added safety, many open metal doors can be fire-rated. Retail building openings require durable, fire-rated doors and enhanced security features. That’s why hollow metal doors are widely used in such projects. Choosing a commercial door provider with access to an extensive inventory of metal doors is essential to ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Canuck Door Systems Co. has 40+ years experience installing and repairing door systems, serving commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Call now to get a quote!

Ordering Commercial Doors

Finding the right one is essential if you’re looking for a retail door provider for your construction project. Canuck Door System has been supplying complete opening solutions for all sizes of industrial, commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential projects.

Canuck Door System specializes in hollow metal and wood doors, frames, custom concave metal screens, access control systems, and door hardware. Their extensive inventory and in-house fabrication allow them to supply many project needs out of stock. This results in a quick response and significantly reduced delivery lead times. 

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