Commercial and industrial doors must be reliable, durable, functional, and secure. Oh yes, it helps if they’re also attractive and competitively priced. It takes a good range of products to satisfy the requirements of today’s myriad commercial and industrial applications for doors, grilles, and shutters.

Overhead Doors of Canuck Door Systems have the right solution for virtually every commercial need and might also provide custom doors for special applications. Our doors are built to the best standards with quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Here could be a sampler of the various forms of commercial overhead doors we sell:

  • Sectional Doors (Insulated & Non-Insulated)
  • Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors
  • Roll-up Service Doors (also called Coiling Doors)
  • Security Grilles
  • High-Performance Doors
  • High-Speed Metal Doors
  • Fabric Roll-Up Doors
  • Fire-Rated Doors
  • Counter Doors & Counter Shutters
  • Shutter Doors

Types of Commercial and Industrial Overhead Doors

1 Sectional Doors 

Sectional overhead doors are generally constructed from galvanized steel panels with internal insulation to supply thermal isolation and sound reduction. Customers can select from metal gauges, panel profiles, track styles, hardware, and glazing. Some applications need heavy-duty doors to resist the weather – rain, wind, dampness, and temperature extremes.

For instance, some models use 16-gauge flush galvanized steel panels 2 inches thick and supplies an R-value of seven.35, ideal for thermal protection. The other models are similar but include a 20-gauge ribbed steel exterior, perfect for defense against the weather.

Canuck Door Systems Co. has 40+ years experience installing and repairing door systems, serving commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area. We are open 24/7.

2 Aluminum Glass Overhead Doors

These are aluminum overhead doors with glass panels. They’re typically utilized in architectural situations that demand light transmission and visual access. Commercial and industrial customers can select from a pleasant sort of glazing materials, stile widths, finish options, and track styles. 

3 Rolling Service Doors

Rolling service doors (also called roll-up doors and coiling doors) are typically constructed from interlocking flat or curved slats of galvanized steel, chrome steel, or aluminum that coil around a drum to open and shut. This rolling door issues thermal protection low sound transmission, weather/wind safety, and exceptional security measures. The quality finish is obtainable in gray, brown, tan, or white. Otherwise, you can go for any of over 200 available PowderGuard Finish colours.

Other specialized rolling door model doors combine high speed with high cycles, durability, and security, and therefore the Fire-Rated Rolling Service doors.

4 Security Grilles

Available in side-folding and upward-coiling models, the aluminum steel units offer advanced design and security features in your choice of patterns and colours. You’ll specify motor operation and open-air design.

4.1. Side-Folding Security Grilles

The side-folding grilles are the shortest-stacking, lowest-profile units of this sort on the market. This model provides full closure to make a safety barrier against debris and theft – excellent capability for malls and airport concourses – and may be specified with panels fabricated from clear polycarbonate, perforated steel, aluminum, or tempered glass standard and wide-model units.

4.2. Upward Coiling Security Grilles

Constructed of aluminum or galvanized steel — with an optional motor — these grilles are designed for durability and straightforward operation. Our comprehensive line of safety grilles affords both reliability and peace of mind. With these choices, there’s sure to be a perfect product for your project.

 5 High-Performance Doors

 High-performance doors have featured above and away from the quality coiling, sectional, or door. Most typical high-performance doors are defined as high-speed doors, but these also can be insulated doors or doors that have the flexibility to soak up an effect.

Canuck Door Systems Co. has 40+ years experience installing and repairing door systems, serving commercial clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Call now to get a quote!

6 High-Speed Metal Doors

High-speed doors issue optimum insulation, reduce loss of conditioned air, and grant energy savings. Our high-speed metal doors are fast, modernist pleasing, and need minimal intervention for maintenance. Their opening tempo goes up to 80″ per second.

7 Fabric and Rubber Roll-up Doors

Interior and exterior fabric and rubber economic rolling doors are provided with leading-edge automation and safety devices. Overhead Door Corporation issues RapidFlex Fabric Doors and RapidFlex Rubber Doors if you need high-speed automated products.

8 Fire-Rated Doors and Fire-Rated Curtains

Our fire-rated roll-up doors are designed to shut automatically in the event of a fireplace or alarmed event. Available for entranceway and counter applications in commercial, industrial, institutional, and retail projects. They will meet the highest demanding fire safety standards, unusual opening sizes, and discerning aesthetic requirements.

9 Counter Doors and Counter Shutters

Counter doors serve many purposes; they’re perfect for commercial, retail, corporate, and professional environments such as cinemas, food courts, kitchen service counters, bars, pharmacies, etc.

10 Security Shutters

 Good protection for top pedestrian applications like hospitals, pharmacies, and liquor stores needs security without sacrificing flexible aesthetic options. A curtain constructed of interlocking extruded .05-inch aluminum slats that provide open or partial fenestration or perforation, standard finishes in silver, bronze, white, or almond, or your choice of wood grain or powder layer finishes.

Canuck’s selection of Commercial Overhead Doors and Garage Doors includes Commercial and Industrial Sectional Doors. Also, Rolling Fabric High-Speed Doors, Rolling Steel Doors, Rolling Fabric Doors, and Residential Garage Doors.



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