Emergency Glass Repair Mississauga

Are you looking for a good Glass Repair Mississauga company? If yes, then look no further as the Canuck Door Systems Co. is here for help. Not only this, but we also offer highly productive services from seasoned professionals as well. Our team is made up of highly skilled, trained and experienced professionals who would be handling all your repair, installation and replacement job within minutes.

All you have to do is contact us and see how wonderfully we work. Remember, we do not stop working unless you are delighted with our services. We are the only glass repair company in the GTA area that provides you a 1-hour guarantee for a visit.




Glass Repair Mississauga

There are numerous things that you need to do before calling us. These are some straightforward and small details about the windows of your house and commercial complexes.

The more you inform us about the damaged job, the better we would be ready to assist you in your window repair and replacement jobs. Remember, even temporary board-up would need this kind of knowledge.

Whenever you are contacting  Canuck Door Systems Co, Glass Repair Mississauga company, tell us about the quality of the glass that was broken and also how it was broke. You must also tell us about the size of the broken window. You don’t need to give exact measurements but having an approximate idea would be of great help for you.

Additionally, let us know about the kind of window that broke. There is a vast difference in the repair and installation process of a single pane window and a double pane window. The double pane windows are often the more difficult types. You can also let us know whether both the panes are broken or if the broken glass is a part of a door.

Also letting us know if the glass is textured or tinted or if the window is arched would help you a lot. All in all, giving us as much detail as possible and spending 10 minutes in explaining what kind of glass damage has taken place would help you save a lot of time.

Commercial Glass Repair Mississauga

Your commercial entrance door or storefront is an essential part of your business lending to overall appearance as well as security. It’s significant that your windows and doors not only functions well but looks good too.

The Canuck Door Systems understands that downtime can cost your business time and money and commercial glass doors and windows in need of repair can also be a safety hazard. Our team has experience in providing fast, quality Commercial Glass  Repair Mississauga for our commercial customers.

When you call Canuck Door Systems, one of our service experts will be dispatched to address your problem as soon as possible so that you can focus on what you do best. Call now to be connected to a service specialist.

Major Problems with Commercial Glass Doors and Windows


  • Water Leaks
    Water leaks could be a serious issue at windows. Fixing water leaks is a priority matter. However, you need to investigate a problem causing the leaks. In many cases, the reasons for the water leak at the top of the door or window are skylights, gutters, or other windows above. The leak at the bottom of the window usually occurs as a result of clogged weep holes or poor caulking.
  • Air Leakage
    Air Leakage (Infiltration) is another common problem of commercial glass doors and windows. Air Leakage occurs due to three factors: poor installation, factory defects or poor product design.
    In addition, persistent air leaks also can significantly reduce the thermal efficiency of the building.
  • Cracked or Broken Glass
    Finally, cracked or broken glass is the common problem of the commercial glass doors and windows. The glass doors or windows on your property are under significant risk to breaking. From acts of vandalism to extreme weather. Usually, the circumstances surrounding broken glass are beyond your control.
    Most importantly, a cracked glass door or window that doesn’t have a safety emblem will eventually break into jagged shards of glass.

We have solved a wide arrange of problems, replacing, repairing and customizing both interior and exterior glass. From commercial windows and glass doors to custom table tops and safety glass we know what you need. We are a dealer of Oldcastle – the largest glass manufacturer in Ontario.

Our commercial glass services across Toronto, GTA, and South Ontario include 24-hour emergency glass replacement with priority response to all commercial care customers.

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