4 Advantages of Automatic Glass Doors in Commercial Spaces

What exactly are commercial automatic glass doors?

Commercial Automatic Glass Doors, sometimes also known as automated glass doors, are typically triggered by a sensor and spring open when someone approaches. These doors can be installed in many commercial spaces such as restaurants and retail stores. They’re often put up to provide an uncluttered view of the outside world and they’re easy to open for customers who need assistance.

Here are four advantages of automatic glass doors in commercial spaces:

They’re Easy to Clean

Automatic glass doors lessen the need for other doors in the front of commercial spaces. Without these extra doors, commercial spaces can be kept looking sleek and uncluttered to create a welcoming atmosphere for customers. Commercial businesses want their establishments to seem clean and welcoming, so they love that these types of glass doors keep things looking nice without requiring frequent maintenance. When it comes time to clean the glass door, one just has to use an all-purpose cleaner or a squeegee if there are stubborn stains. Cleaning shouldn’t take more than ten minutes at most.

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They’re Less Risky Than Other Glass Doors

Also, automatic glass doors are more secure than other types of glass doors, like regular ones that require handles. Automatic glass doors can be locked, and they’re a better option for public spaces where people might have their hands full or have one hand in their pockets.

They Provide Added Privacy

In addition to being more secure than other glass doors, automatic glass doors can also add privacy where it’s needed. These doors often have tint options so the light from the outside isn’t visible through them. This makes them a better option for businesses that need extra privacy in certain areas of their buildings.

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They’re Environmentally Friendly

Finally, when automatic glass doors are used in commercial buildings, it’s possible to reduce traffic noise that can distract a restaurant or a retail store from its customers. This means that automatic glass doors prevent distractions while still providing an uncluttered view for customers who don’t have to worry about being jostled by passers-by.

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