Acoustic Soundproof Doors

Canuck Door Systems offers many specialty doors, including Acoustic Soundproof Doors. Also, these commercial doors can help the healing process in healthcare facilities. Plus, it creates a better educational environment in schools. Moreover, it provides an essential component of guest satisfaction in hospitality.  

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Why Choose Canuck Door System for Acoustic Soundproof Doors? Here are some FEATURES

  • Veneer, plastic laminate or custom staining design and colour
  • Structural composite lumber.
  • Sound retardant doors 
  • Automatic Operators and Handicap Buttons.

We Install, Service, And Repair the Acoustic Soundproof Doors – BENEFITS

A room’s wall, floor, and ceiling can provide soundproofing. Also, room acoustics are only valid as the weakest link, such as a door. Without proper soundproofing, the door is the weakest link. So, here are some importance of acoustics in a few of these building applications.

Better healing environment

The basic rule of infection prevention and control is that hospital surfaces must be easy to clean and sanitize. So, it required that almost all characters not absorb sound but instead reflect it. Managing acoustic issues are critical to healthcare facilities. In the meantime, acoustics play a more significant role in a healthcare facility’s success. Also, studies show that soundproof environments produce higher patient quality-of-care ratings. Therefore, installing dozens or even hundreds of soundproof doors will control noise in rooms, corridors, and other areas.

Guests satisfaction

Noise is one of the most significant complaints from hotel guests. Poor acoustics impact guest satisfaction and affect hotel business. Also, many customers don’t complain about noise to management. Instead, they publish their complaints on travel sites or social media. However, hotels cannot afford such negative feedback as a study shows that most guests were checking online reviews before booking a hotel.

Education Improve

Soundproof Doors improve education. They are essential to a healthy learning environment. Also, the students have lower reading test scores in classrooms with heavy background noise. Plus, better acoustics enhances communication between students and teachers. Moreover, it positively affects test scores and educational quality as school walls and floors have a hard surface. Furthermore, the sound bounces off walls and finds its way into the auditoriums. There is the only way to reduce noise is by soundproof doors.


We are a dealer of Baillargeon, the largest Wood Door manufacturer in Canada.

Also, we install such Doors in Ajax, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Aurora, Newmarket, and across southern Ontario.

Canuck Door Systems also installs Wood Laminated DoorsWood Veneer Stained DoorsWood Painted Doors, and Fire Rated Wood Doors.



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