4 Maintenance Tips for Aluminum Windows

Canuck Door Systems offers Fixed Glass Aluminum Windows installation for commercial buildings. These windows’ primary function is to admit adequate light. Plus, they have consistent daylight quantities while maintaining the building’s comfortable temperature. As a result, fixed windows will noticeably brighten up internal spaces and increase your vision area.

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If you’re about to embark on the task of fixing up your aluminum windows, don’t forget these 4 maintenance tips. When you work with aluminum, you are dealing with a fragile material that can corrode if it’s not cared for properly. By using these four tips, you’ll be protecting your investment as well as keeping your hours of work to a minimum.

  1. Clean Them Often.

As you can see by the picture to the left, aluminum windows are very useful when you’re seeing rain. But as we all know, a steady stream of rain is not good for any surface that’s exposed to it. Aluminum is much like iron in this regard: it will start to rust if there’s too much atmospheric moisture on it. This is especially true if the window has been neglected for some time and has a build-up of grime and dirt on it that blocks off the pores of the aluminum (see picture below). You can take care of this by using a good quality window cleaner and then wiping down the windows with a dry soft cloth.

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  1. Check Them Often.

You will want to check your windows on a regular basis in order to find out why they don’t open or close properly. This is especially important if you have installed them yourself as you will want to inspect all of the joints on the window, which you can do with a mirror by taking off one of the blinds to get an upstairs view of your work. Find out if there’s any damage where the window meets the frame and repair it according to the manufacturer’s instructions before exposing it again to the elements.

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  1. Wax Them Thoroughly

Aluminum is definitely not made to last without taking proper care of it on a regular basis. A good way to do this is by waxing the windows from time to time. There are special waxing kits on the market that will make the job easier, but you can also use automobile wax or anything that contains carnauba wax in it for a similar effect (see picture to the right). Carnauba works well because of its waterproof qualities and durability as well as its anti-corrosion properties.

  1. Clean Them Completely Once A Year

Aluminum windows need to be cleaned thoroughly every year in order to get rid of the fine film of dirt and grime that accumulates in the air. Use a soft cloth that’s been dampened with a good quality window cleaner and go over each and every surface of your windows. If the windows are new, this should only take about an hour per window; if they’re older, it may take much longer as you will have built up a good mountain of grime on them. It’s important that you follow these tips for protecting your aluminum windows, as not doing so will make them more prone to damage from the elements.

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