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Woodfold Series 3300 Folding Partitions

Woodfold Series 3300 Folding Partitions  reduce distracting noise and help keep the room’s temperature controlled using acoustic lining and a perimeter seal. The 3300 partition is sound rated at SFTC 33 and represents best value in sound rated partitions. Rugged design incorporates the Series 3300 partition forming a double walled acoustic partition. With an exclusive heavy-duty hardware system, this dual-walled partition is as at home in offices or religious facilities as it is in restaurants or hotel meeting spaces needing moderate sound control. Series 3300 folding partitions are available in a variety of attractive hardwood and Vinyl-Lam finishes, and can be ordered with differing finish materials on each door face.

Woodfold Series 2100 Folding Partitions

Woodfold Series 2100 Folding Partitions are more than just a visual barrier. They are sound rated. Series 2100 have top and bottom seals with a sealed track to prevent noise transmission. The partition also helps preserve the heat loss of air exchange between sides. Best suited to classrooms, meeting rooms, temporary office environments and music/rehearsal rooms. The hardwood finishes yield a warm and clean look. The Vinyl Lam is the most economical choice of the acoustic folding partitions.

Woodfold Series 240 Folding Partitions

Woodfold Series 240 folding partitions are the most popular in the entire product line. Specified by Architects, Designers, and Builders more than any other product, the reason is the flexibility that you have to configure the Series 240 to meet most design needs. Options include Curved Tracks, Magnetic Locks, Keyed Locks and options for Bi-parting and Multiparting Partitions. The Vinyl Lam is the most economical choice for a superior finish to your project.

Woodfold Series 220 Folding Partitions

Woodfold Series 220 Folding Partitions are a great room dividers that have sharp looks and is an economical choice for a double-sided folding partitions. Track and rolling hardware are nearly the same as the heavy duty tracks and rollers in the high-end products. The partitions slide smoothly and efficiently. Conservation of heat is an important feature of the Series 220; just close the partition and turn up the heat. The Hardwood finishes bring warmth to any environment. Looks good and works hard. A near perfect for any Office, Commercial or Residential room divider with no sound requirements.

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