Durulite Retailer Impact Traffic Door

Provides thermal separation, sound barrier, and visual separation.

Canuck Door Systems offers over 30 years experience in Traffic Doors both custom and standard installation. A Durulite Retailer Impact Traffic Door is designed for light motorized traffic, pallet jacks, carts, and personnel in high volume retail environment.

This kind of doors provides thermal separation, sound barrier, and visual separation. They are ideal for supermarket, retail, warehouse, and food services.


  • Durable, rotationally molded polyethylene construction
  • Standard and custom size up 8’ X 10′
  • Panel thickness is 1–1/2”, the skin thickness is 1/8”
  • Lightweight
  • A 1″ diameter hinge post is molded in the door
  • leading edge is reinforced with an aluminum extrusion
  • Non-CFC urethane insulation core. R factor is 10.83
  • Double-acting v-cam upper hinges
  • Virtually scratch resistant large polycarbonate windows.
  • Various colors
  • Optional bumpers, impact plates, kick plates, hinge guards, hold open device

Canuck Door Systems also installs Durulite Industrial Impact Traffic DoorsDurulite Standard Impact Traffic DoorsDurulite Retailer XHD Impact Traffic Doors, Proline 600-SEC Postal Security Impact Traffic DoorsProline 300I and 400i Impact Doors and Chase XLP 500 Service Traffic Doors.

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