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Traffic Doors and Strip Curtains

Available from Canuck Door Systems.

Warehouses, food service facilities, manufacturing plants and health care organizations are a few of the customers who are saving energy and protecting their employees, products and investments through the use of Canuck Door Systems Strip Curtains.

Some examples of where Canuck Door Systems Strip Curtains might be used include the following:

  • Increased visibility and light for safety
  • Dramatic noise reduction
  • Stops insects and dust intrusion
  • Prolonged shelf life of stored products
  • Reduction of condensation issues
  • Reduction of coil icing problems
  • Easy maintenance of correct temperatures
  • And a more comfortable working environment

Canuck Door Systems Strip Curtains provide major energy savings in refrigerated environments and Canuck Door Systemsís unique bumperstrip prevents strips from freezing together.

Some of the other advantages of Canuck Door Systemsís Strip Curtains include the following:

Canuck Door Systems PVC Strip options

Canuck Door Systems have a wide range of strip options for the Strip Curtain or for bulk purchase in rolls. Bulk stocks of a wide range of sizes, thickness, grades and colours are warehoused for immediate dispatch of your order.

All Canuck Door Systems PVC Strip is extruded from self extinguishing PVC with rounded edges to protect personnel and products. So if a PVC Curtain is expected to assist with environmental control, Canuck Door Systems can supply the correct PVC Strip for different applications.



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