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Automatic Sliding

Canuck Door Service carries some of the most complete line of automatic sliding doors, operators and entrances products in the region.  No other G.T.A. company has a product line as diverse as ours.  We carry a full line of entrance systems, as well as operators for swing doors in our inventory.

We provide design assistance for projects built within our marketing area.  We install and service everything that we sell.

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Sliding Doors Toronto are the Most Convenient Entryways

When getting inside a building, one can be easily impressed by the sliding automatic doors that open the place for people who want to get inside. Automatic sliding doors Toronto are not only designed to impress people but to make it convenient for visitors to get inside a building. There is no need to hire a doorman to open and close the door since it opens and shuts down by itself. They can be amusing because of the natural inclination of people to wonder how they work. Children are usually entertained by playing near a sliding door, making it close and open as they approach and get away from the door.

Sliding Doors Toronto Types

Sliding doors Toronto may be single or double depending on the design made by the manufacturer at the behest of the building owner. The opening and closing of the sliding door are done by an electric motor that is activated by sensors that detect the movement or presence of an approaching or departing person. They doors are usually hung from overhead tracks gliding over the floor pane as they move. They can also be installed on both overhead and floor racks in a metal structure containing tracks and rollers. The sensors trigger the electric motor to drive the door through a mechanism of rubber belts or cables connected to an auxiliary drive.

Automatic sliding doors are usually installed in commercial buildings, industrial offices, big hospitals, malls, retail stores and institutional facilities. They are commonly seen installed in museums and other display centers where people congregate for communal activities. The types of sliding doors vary depending on the kind of frame used and the glass installed. Some prefer the non-transparent door to lessen the incidents of people bumping on transparent glass. Sliding doors that have clear glass make the place look bigger and more spacious and are preferred in buildings with limited space.

Sliding Doors Toronto Installation

sliding doors Toronto

Installing the sliding door during working hours might be difficult if there are many people using it. One can arrange for the supplier to install the door during off hours or on a weekend if the installation will take longer. One should also choose the company that will install the door making sure that they have provisions for sliding automatic door repairs in case of breakdowns. Certain industry standards and regulations are required in the installation of these doors and companies that install them usually send representatives to check if the installed door conforms to standards and is properly installed.

Door service companies that install automatic sliding doors Toronto have websites that feature the different services that they provide for their clients. If one has no prior arrangement with the supplier on repair services, he can find companies that specialize in the repair of sliding doors Toronto. These companies are always visible in the internet and can provide fast service for customers that require repairs on their doors. After determining what is wrong with the door, they can quickly fix the door after closing time and make it usable by the opening time of the next day.

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