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The Canuck Preventative Maintenance Plan

In addition to Canuck Doors specialized 24 / 7 service availability, that puts you in direct contact with Our trained service technicians, We also offer our unique PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN

It includes a comprehensive written report to help property managers and condominium directors micro-manage their overhead door assets.

Canucks' PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN minimizes inconvenient downtime and reduces unexpected breakdowns.


is designed to:

 ·    Ensure the continuous reliable operation from your doors, automatic door operator mechanisms, loading dock equipment, electrical control panels and all other access systems 

·        Save the costs on door replacements by extending the life of existing doors and door systems

 ·        Save the costs on emergency repair calls for your doors & door system   

·        Decrease the disruption of operations, lost productivity and costly downtime due to door malfunction on your premises. 

·        Increase site safety and guard your personnel from serious injury due to equipment malfunction or failure. 

·        Guarantee immediate service response 24 hours a day including holiday periods. 

·        Guarantee service efficiency from a professional well trained team. 

·        Include regular diagnostic reports and recommendations on the condition of your equipment and your compliance with safety codes. 

·        Deliver service and product knowledge drawn from 25 years of experience in the maintenance and repair of all door and barrier types. 

·        Provide a single source with the expertise to handle all your door and entry needs.


 On the first Preventative Maintenance Call…

…our service team will complete the Maintenance package work described below and will tour your facility. A detailed profile of all the shipping doors, entry doors & door systems in your facility will be created.

With this information we will be able to arrive with the right parts on our truck to better serve your needs on future service calls.

 On your subsequent scheduled Preventative Maintenance Calls…

…our service team will:

·        Inspect spring tension, cables, drums, rollers, hinges, tracks, locks, panels

·        Inspect and lubricate doors

·        Inspect and lubricate automatic door operator mechanisms

·        Complete all other necessary adjustments

·        Inspect and tighten fasteners

·        Check & replenish fluid levels on all hydraulic dock levellers and doors.

·        Prepare and present a written report of our work and our recommendations on needed repairs or parts replacement.

Our Service team will always check in and out with your personnel & will clean

up after themselves before they leave your site.

To find our more about our services contact us today!

1-800-5-CANUCK (522-6825)


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