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Scale/12 Closed Scale/12 Open

Folding Partitions

Scale® /12 & Scale® / 8




Panelfold is recognized as the leading manufacturer of quality wood folding partitioning.  Nothing exemplifies this reputation more than the materials and workmanship that Panelfold puts into every Scale/12 and Scale/8… the single panel-wall partitions that stand up to tough commercial and institutional use.

  •   Strong, durable laminated panels

  •   Dual-walled Memory Action® vinyl hinges

  •   Optional sound ratings of STC 25 and STC 30

  •   Manual or electrical operation

  •   Heights to 5512mm (18’)


SCALE/12 and Scale/8 partitions offer many of the appearance and reliability advantages of Sonicwal® twin panel-wall models:  extra-thick high density particleboard panels machine laminated with a wide selection of wood veneers or high pressure laminates with solid faces or carved surface detailing, or with Ribtex® wall carpets, or with economical textured and wood grain vinyls;  panels joined and edge-sealed with Panelfold’s exclusive lifetime, dual-walled Memory Action® Vinyl Hinge Design;  extra heavy steel ball-bearing wheels that support alternate panels;  and end posts fitted with deep nesting, structural, extruded aluminum end post nose and jamb mould in bronze or natural finish.


Multiple use areas may be fashioned with Scale/12 and Scale/8 partitions incorporating curved tracks, curved and cross-over switches, and two, three and four-way meetings posts.  Privacy and cylinder key lock security options are available.  Even electrical operation may be specified.  Scale/12 STC 30 and Scale/8 STC 25 achieve their acoustical ratings by adding Sonicsweep™ and end post sound seals, Ceilinguard™ head trim, Trakseal™ track closure device, and positive latches.  Whether selected for sight or sound control, Scale/12 and Scale/8 are affordable, good looking hard panel alternative to other accordion partitioning.

Scale/8® Wood Folding Partitions

Panelfold originated the popular 200mm (8”) panel width to fill partition openings with proper scale, beauty, and economy.  Heights to 5512mm (18’) and optional acoustical treatment STC 25 is available.

Scale/12® Wood Folding Partitions

Panelfold’s 300mm (12”) wide panels provide the strength and scale for large openings.  Scale/12 partitions take less stacking space in wider openings than other models.  Heights to 5512mm (18’), and optional acoustical treatment of STC 30 is available.






Panelfold’s Fabricwal accordion partitions combine the best features of the other popular brands of fabric accordion partitions with added timely innovations.  Sight dividing models as well as acoustically rated models may be specified.

  •   Sound Ratings of STC 39 and STC 40

  •   Steel Pantograph Framework

  •   Exclusive Adjustable Sweepseals

  •   Beautiful Vinyl Fabric or Carpet Covers



Beautiful soft folds of up-to-date, colorful heavy duty Fabrictex® and Ropetex® vinyl fabric, luxurious Ribtex® wall carpet, or Woventex® and Tekwal® 1000© panel fabrics are supported by a welded steel partograph hinged framework.  Quite, easy operating, nylon-tired, ball-bearing wheels, standard on all models, carry the partitions effortlessly in heavy duty extruded aluminum overhead track.


Deep-nesting acoustical end posts have positive latches on all models.  Pre-finished metal Ceilingshield™ is standard for recessed track.  Both manual and electrically operated Fabricwal models, optional switches for changes in the direction of partition travel, as well as 2-, 3-, and 4-way multiple meeting posts assure hour-by-hour, room-sizing flexibility for all types of building applications.

Air Release Fabricwal end posts are equipped with air release vents that allow air trapped during the operation of the partition to help keep fabric covers from “ballooning” and to allow easier operation.  Gripull handles and positive latches are standard on all models.


YMCA Stoney Creek

YMCA Stoney Creek



Rainbow Village Daycare


Suppliers of Folding Partitions in Toronto

Folding partitions are important to industries and other businesses. These folding partitions are used in plant offices, prefabricated structures, office partitions, school portables, mezzanines, clean rooms, environmental rooms, kiosks & guardhouses, clean rooms, mobile offices & trailers, smoke shelters, custom applications, and storage buildings, among other areas. Folding partitions in Toronto are provided by some enterprises that are based in Toronto, Canada.

Operable folding walls are great for function areas that are designed to change rapidly. The panels are usually located along a track and serve as screens or just to form complete, albeit temp walls. The right-angle corners that may be turned require no difficult or intricate switching mechanisms. These exceptional folding partitions in Toronto combine the advantages of speed and flexibility as well as supply customers with functional and aesthetically-pleasing space management divider systems.

The features of these folding partitions in Toronto are many. They are steel-backed panels with gypsum cores and have inner rigid steel framing. The panel facing is made of fabric finish, pre-finished steel, or vinyl. The outside perimeters are trimmed with anodized aluminum that is clear. The built-in baseboards of the panels are also built with clear anodized aluminum. These partitions also feature structural aluminum tracks. There are also adjustable panel carriers (ball-bearing) that are mounted on silent steel wheels and nylon tires.

To ensure optimum noise reduction on these folding partitions in Toronto, the standard panel is inclusive of sure seal mechanical mechanism, double sets of flexible PVC seals, and glass fiber insulation. Provincial Partition has three types of operable folding panels: single panels, convenient panel storage, and paired panels.

The single panels of folding partitions in Toronto feature easy positioning and flexible modular setup. The convenient panel storage offers many possibilities of remote stacking configurations. These hidden storage locations may be located along the track system anywhere. In the paired panels, two panels at once can be moved for fast set-up. An important part of the operable foldaway system for the wall is the structural track made from aluminum, which supports the wall panels. These walls are available upon request. These walls can be used in applications like hotel conference rooms, banquet halls, office board rooms, restaurants, schools, and hospitals.

There are many other suppliers of folding partitions in Toronto. They make bifold and sliding door tracks with accompanying accessories and hardware. Applications are in the industries, commerce, and residences. Another company that provides folding partitions in Toronto also specializes in accordion doors. Features of these accordion doors are that they are made of durable laminated wood core panels.

The surfacing is of vinyl, decorative HPL (high pressure laminate), or wood veneer. Matching panel connector moldings are also provided. These doors also have double-ball bearing wheels and decorative aluminum tracks. Reaching to heights up to 8’1”, these doors have jamb molds and automatic latches. According doors that are made by custom to fit the opening of a place – be it a residence or a commercial building. Moreover, accordion doors are easy to install.

In all, folding partitions are useful in a variety of applications and their significance in construction and interior design is invaluable.

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