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Doors that can handle hi traffic seen in Schools, Offices and Industrial Locations


  •  Galvanneal finish

  •  Galvanized G90

  •  Bullet Resistant

  •  Stainless Steel in 18 Gauge or 16 Gauge

All Hollow Metal Doors & Frames are available in Standard and Custom sizes and many custom lites are available.



Exterior Metal Doors That Promise Durability

Exterior metal doors, particularly those made of steel, offer durability and beauty. Steel doors, which are now more popular than the wood varieties, have foam core insulations that are energy-efficient. These steel doors are entirely weather-stripped and reduce the chances of swelling, warping, and shrinking. Steel doors, due to their tough construction, are able to withstand long periods of intense weather conditions with minimal maintenance.

The exterior metal doors made of steel can be bought with pre-drilled lockset and doorknob holes. Most steel doors are already packed pre-primed and are ready to be painted on. Steel doors are affordable and durable solutions for people’s external door needs. Steel doors are available in many sizes and styles. They are a great complement for the current home styles like urban contemporary and split level styles.

Exterior metal doors offer various features. Some of these include outstanding weather resistance and strength, cost effectiveness, and energy efficiency (steel doors come with weather-stripping and foam insulation to help block cold and heat and stand up to extreme weather). Steel doors are stronger than fiberglass and wood doors. They are also excellent choices when it comes to security. Thieves attempting to break in might have a hard time doing so.

Steel doors resist cracking, warping, and fire. They can be finished with an exterior paint that is high-quality. Steel doors are available with coatings, which mimic real wood’s look.

There are many manufacturers of exterior metal doors or steel doors throughout North America. These company’s steel doors have some of the largest options of exterior doors that are federal tax credit-qualified and energy star-rated. The steel doors use 24-gauge steel skins that are galvanized. These doors also have hi-density foamed in-place polyurethane foam, which guarantees energy efficiency.

There are many designs of exterior metal doors. One of the designs is inspired by the arts and crafts movement. The design of rain, clear, and fluted beveled glass with brass or black plating is a classic symbol of living gracefully. A second design has an eloquent and stately pattern without being to overpowering. It is patterned with reed glass (horizontal), double granite, reed glass (vertical), and platinum accents.

A third design has curved bevel glass that is sweeping. In this model, one can bask in the sun’s rays as they reflect through the bevels and cast a light spectrum in one’s home. A fourth design embodies elegance in a classy design. Sand blasted delta, champagne water glass, clear, and gray baroque bevels are combined with brass or black plating into a classic masterpiece. A fifth design has various door styles in sync with energy-efficient sidelites that completes one’s entry system.

A sixth design boasts of the conventional look without the difficulty in cleaning. The grills are between the divided glass panels for hassle-free maintenance. A seventh design combines elegance, handsomeness, and class. Glue chip glass and granite give textural contrast that is accented by a delicate patina accent.

There are many companies that manufacture exterior metal doors throughout North America and a lot of them are reputable and provide customers the service they deserve.

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