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Confidence comes from knowing your supplier has both the capability and the skills to fabricate just about any size, shape or configuration of door you may require.  This is a key feature that sets CANUCK DOOR SYSTEMS CO. apart from many of our competitors and we are very proud of that track record.


Our doors are tough enough to meet all applications.  They are manufactured from premium quality stretcher-levelled wipe-coat galvanized steel and are designed to wear hard and last long.  The face panels are laminated to the core, and for added strength and durability, end channels are projection-welded to top and bottom channels on 3 to 4 centres.  We work with 14, 16, 18 and 20 gauge wipe-coat galvanized, G90 galvanized and stainless steel.


All doors come with a closer reinforcement box at the top of each door and also the bottom of the door when reversible.


Reinforcing box for Panic-Bar ensures that hardware remains secure and fully functional.


  • On doors up to 7-6 high:

  • 1-1/2 pair of 4-1/2 x 4-1/2 template hinge reinforcements.

  • On doors over 7-6 high:

  • 2 pair of 4-1/2 x 4-1/2 template hinge reinforcement.


Projection-welded end channels at 3 to 4 centres, add strength and durability.

        LOCK SEAM

Extra deep vertical mechanical full lock seam construction helps retain the quality and integrity of the door.  A special sealant adhesive is also used on the edges to provide maximum strength and rigidity.

        INNER CORE

Honeycomb cell paper comes with impregnated resin.


All doors include a Govt. #161 lock reinforcement with full barrel support or panic-bar reinforcing.


Special reinforcing plates for Surface Bolt preparation can be installed as an option.

        EDGE TABS

Special Edge Tabs for Flush bolt preparation can be installed as an option.


Doors Fire Rated Toronto Strictly Follow Regulations

Because of the importance of doors as a permanent fixture of any house or building, certain regulations pertaining to the safety of their usage are imposed in Toronto, Canada. Aside from meeting certain standards, doors must conform to fire safety regulations of the city. There is no need to fully understand the technicalities in the implementation of these regulations. What really matters is to know that door suppliers have to follow some fire safety regulations required by the city on the installation of doors in buildings.

Suppliers that provide doors fire rated Toronto follow these regulations and can give assurance that their doors are safe to use in case a fire accidentally occurs in the building where they are installed. Of course, before their doors are marketed, they have to pass some tests conducted by authorities. Most of the doors that pass the tests are steel fire doors which are rated in terms of hours of resistance to test fires together with the walls of the rooms which are also time tested and given hour-ratings.

A door with a three hour rating is also called 180-minute door that can be used for big buildings with wall ratings of four hours. 90 minute doors also known as 1-hour doors are used for rooms with walls that have 2-hour rating, usually in areas leading to stairs inside the building. 60 minute doors are used for connecting rooms from one other and 45 minute doors are those tested for rooms that have outside or external access where fire risk exposure is minimal. The 20 minute doors are tested for use in one-hour walls and are rated to keep draft and smoke away when fire starts in rooms with such walls.

Most doors fire rated Toronto offered by suppliers conform to these tests which follow a is to 1 wall-to-door ratio. This means a rated door will pass the fire test if installed in a room with 1-hour rated walls. All the technicalities and computations of these ratings are done by the fire authorities and doors fire rated Toronto simply submit their doors for testing before they are installed.

Doors fire rated Toronto is not limited to offering steel doors but also has doors made of other materials like vinyl, fiberglass and timber. Most of the fire rated doors are made of steel which are reinforced with materials that minimize heat transfer between rooms separated by the door. The designs of steel doors are also altered to yield better fire protection properties like in the case of steel doors with hollow areas or insulating doors with polyurethane and poly styrene to make the doors more resistant to heat and fire.

Door designs are slightly affected since the use of glass might be limited to some extent to keep the ratings of the doors fire rated Toronto products at par with the requirements imposed by the fire regulation bureau. Still, there are a lot of suppliers that can provide services for all kinds of fire doors including new installations and repairs.

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