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Rolling Overhead Service Doors

Cost-Effective Features

Steel Rolling Service Doors minimize installation and maintenance costs.  Each door is completely supported by continuous wall angles which eliminate the need for expensive lintel construction, and slotted mounting holes on the wall angles make leveling adjustments quick and easy.  If curtain sections are damaged in use, the structural angle guides can be disassembled for parts replacement without disturbing the wall angle.

  •   Rolling Doors SAVE SPACE  No overhead tracks on door to impede movement of loads or block light.

  •   Oil-tempered steel torsion springs engineered for the specific door to provide effortless operation.

  •   Ball bearings used to suspend heavy, rotating members providing friction-free trouble-free operation.

  •   Heavy duty cast iron gears.

  •   Vision panels provide visibility and light.  Each panel is 7-1/2” x 1-1/8” covered with Plexiglas.  Minimum spacing between panels is 1-1/2”.  Specify when required.

  •   Bronze prime painted guides and bottom bar accent tan curtain.

  •   FinalCote™ finish door for maximum protection against rust and corrosion.

  •   Continuous wall angle supports weight of door.

  •   Bottom bar weatherstrip conforms to normal floor irregularities.  Extends into guides for maximum protection.  Specify on all weather-stripped doors.

  •   Weather hood baffle to minimize seepage of air around the hood.  Made from waterproof canvas to prevent tearing and cracking.  Specify on all weather-stripped doors.

  •   Removable cast iron stops to stop door in open position.

  •   Continuous windlocks standard on all doors over 14’ – 1” wide to withstand 20 PSF windload.  Doors will be designed to withstand greater wind loads when specified.

  •   Weatherstrip effectively seals door against weather and dust.  Must be used with flat slat for maximum sealing.

  •   Interlocking slats for easy repair of curtain.

  •   Insulated slats for maximum protection against heat loss or gain.  (Available at additional cost).

  •   Structural angle guides and bottom bar for greater strength



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